Corporate Flu Shot Clinics


Are you a local business owner?

Radnor Family Practice will travel to your office location and administer flu shots for your employees. This is a new service we are offering for our community members, and is a convenient way to keep your employees healthy this flu season!


What We Do

  • We will send a licensed practitioner out to your office at your specified date and time to administer vaccines.
  • We will provide marketing and educational materials to help encourage greater participation in your office.
  • Two types of flu shots are available
    • VaccineQuadrivalent flu shot (64 and younger)
    • High dose flu shot (65 and older)
  • Easy billing options for your business based on number of employees that participate. No hassle dealing with insurance companies.



Company hosted on-site flu shot clinics are a cost-effective way to make getting the flu shot easy and convenient for your employees.



Call our office for more information and to start planning your flu clinic.