What We Do

We are available 24/7 and offer same day visits for urgent matters.  Your time is just as important as ours. We limit the number of patients we schedule so we can be on time and spend more time with you.  We take pride in our ability to handle most medical issues in our office.  We provide a comprehensive range of medical services for children (ages 5 years and above) through adolescents to older people, making it convenient to care for every member of your family in one practice.

Examples of our services by specialty include but are not limited to: 

Preventive Medicine – Annual Wellness Exams, Executive Physicals, School & Sports Physicals, Diet, Fitness, Nutrition
Allergy/ENT – Upper Respiratory Infections, Seasonal Allergies
Cardiology – Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Chronic Heart Failure
Dermatology – Annual Skin Checks, Acne, Warts
Endocrinology – Diabetes, Thyroid issues , Osteoporosis
Gastroenterology – GERD, Gastritis, Motility Disorders
Gynecology – Annual Pelvic & Breast Exams, Contraception
Neurology – Concussions, Neuropathies, Memory Disorders
Orthopedic – Overuse Injuries, Spinal Issues, Degenerative Disorders
Pulmonology – Asthma, COPD / Emphysema, Pneumonia
Travel – Counseling, Immunizations, Meds

Office ProceduresBlood Draws, Carotid US, Ear Flushes, Echocardiograms, EKGs, Hearing Tests, Immunizations, Joint Injections, Spirometry, Sutures, Tympanometry

Medical Leadership

We treat most medical issues here in our office, but just as importantly, we guide and direct you through what can be a very complex and confusing world of healthcare.  We continue to build and develop a network of specialists who have similar values.

Medical Technology

Our electronic medical record system is at the forefront of medical technology, allowing us to function as a repository for your medical records, thereby reducing the risk of errors and enhancing the continuity of care between your team of physicians.  You have access to your own records through the patient portal, a safe and complete record of your health care.

Quality Improvement

Our practice is committed to providing high quality care to all of our patients. We achieve this through our involvement in many programs, including Meaningful Use and Patient Centered Medical Home. Check our News section for regular performance updates.