Our Practice Team

We place a premium on developing relationships with our patients, so that together, we can maintain your health and treat you in times of illness.  We are always striving to create the ideal medical home – a place where the staff know your face and truly enjoys the privilege of serving you! 



 Front Office

Nini Ingersoll, Office Manager

Christine Brown, Reception 

Alana Diamond, Reception

Kathy Foran, Reception

Rachel Lamb, Reception

Back Office

Ellen Dvorak,  MBA, Health Administration

Diane Hayes,  RN Nurse Care Coordinator

Debbie Brown, RN, BSN Nurse Care Coordinator

Caroline Iskrant, RN Nurse Care Coordinator 

Kathie Ida , RN, Registered Nurse for Dr. Weber

Ronya Hopkins, Medical Assistant to Dr. Walker

Elle Salinas, Medical Assistant to Lisa Ross, CRNP 

Katie Brooks, Medical Assistant to Dr. Bell

Liz Levesque, Medical Assistant to Bob Davis, CRNP

Sophia Blair, Medical Assistant

Office Administration

Sharon Jarman, Billing Manager and Records Custodian
Debra Flynn, Medical Records

Office Affiliations

Our office works with the following organizations: